Through a Crooked Sun


  1. Gone Away
  2. It's Not Easy
  3. Lost and Found
  4. I Dont Hear The Sound of You
  5. Hey Fear
  6. All Along The Way
  7. Follow You Forever
  8. Standing On the Surface Of The Sun
  9. Bye Bye Baby
  10. Falling Again
  11. Station Man
  12. Fire Around
  13. It's Not Easy
  14. Falling Again

Released Apr 14, 2016

Originally released on October 11, 2011, Through a Crooked Sun is the second solo album from Rich Robinson. This re-release of the album contains twelve studio recordings and 2 previously unreleased songs: It's Not Easy and Falling Again.

This album features guest appearances by Warren Haynes, John Medeski, Karl Berger and Larry Campbell. The title of the album was taken from Look Through My Window, a song from the EP Llama Blues.

First time on vinyl and limited edition white vinyl